Anand ORGANISATION FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (AOSD) was initiated on 12th JUNE 2014 by a DR JYOTI ANAND who further brought group together to contribute towards betterment of the society with a focus on child education, holistic child development and women empowerment. We share a common dream – a world where every child is showered with love and is given opportunities for their bright future; a world where no child’s innocence is marred by the horrors of child labour, and a world where women’s wellbeing is paid attention to and they’re empowered to sustain themselves and their family.


Unable to afford basic human needs like thirst, food, and shelter, parents living in poverty are often left with no choice than to catapult their children into the same unjust world of child labour that they themselves have grown up in. Few are able to barely save money and admit their child into a school, where the child faces difficulties owing to years of inequality. ANAND NGO vowed to right these wrongs and ensure that the human rights of these children are no longer violated. Basic Education is the human right of every individual as laid down in the International Human Rights Law by the United Nations. Butterfly- Child Welfare and Education program was established to provide comprehensive assistance to impoverished children through a learning program focusing on textual and practical knowledge as well as personality development. Butterfly is a symbol of freedom – freedom from the clutches of inequality and child labour.

  • To provide children a holistic education for their development.
  • To give children a conducive environment which provides them freedom to foster creativity and curiosity.
  • To ensure Education for all by providing free-of-cost remedial education to underprivileged children.
  • To help children in choosing the right career path for them and provide opportunity and guidance for the same.
  • To help rural women learn vocational skills.
  • To help women in attaining financial independence.
  • To create relicable models for the country.
  • To bridge the gap between urban and rural India.
  • To create a cycle of giving back. Where talent gives back to their homes instead of flowing towards urban cities.

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Functioning at the Grassroot level, bringing education to the footsteps of their home. ANAND’s remedial and bridge center provides free of cost tutorials. The children are taught subjects such as Hindi, English and Mathematics, in purview of methodically filling in the gaps in formal education; as well as positive healthy habits of cleanliness, hygiene and discipline. Ranging from menstrual sanitation to child healthcare, every aspect is meticulously taken care of. Recreational activities such as dance competitions, painting, magic shows, puppet shows etc play a major role in child welfare programmes in DELHI at ANAND We try to bring children who are involved in various professions like rag picking , begging , toy selling and shoe polishing along with kids who are drop outs or have never been to school because of one reason or other and put them to our center. We aim that the child is enrolled in the formal school or an open school within 3 years of our intervention. The ultimate aim being the child is reaching till standard 5Th as that has become a mandate for all the skill based programs.

Legal Status ANAND a society registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 REDG NO S-E/311 Registered under section 80G ,12 A income tax act ,1961 Niti Ayog

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