About Dr.Jyoti Anand

Founder : DR.Jyoti Anand

Dr. Jyoti anand from Delhi Runs an NGO named Anand organization for Social Development . Honorary Doctorate Degree in the field of social work by Ballsbridge University. she is also the member of CPMG Delhi Circle Internal Complaint Committee (ICCs) for prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace. Member of govt sarvodaya vidyalaya school committee for prevention sexual harassment of women at work place . Appointed as National coordinator at anti corruption foundation of India At an early age of 26, she has achieved almost every height of success .she was awarded as the youngest social worker Award, Good social worker Award, Inspiring Women Achiever Award etc. across the country. She has vast experience as a Social Activist. She is helping the poor and needy children by providing them with free education from the age of 14. More than 300 students come to get free education in her Anand NGO. Delhi police helps her in providing the free education for the needy children. She also educate the children about “Good Touch”, more than 40000 children have been the part of her educational workshop on “Good Touch”. Along with these good deeds, she helps the females by providing free sanitary napkins and also spread the knowledge and advantages of using sanitary napkins. She is working selflessly to help the nation and its citizens.


  • Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Chhatra Sansad “ an awarded “Youngest social worker” from all over India (2015)
  • Uttar Pradesh Hathras awarded “Delhi social worker”(2015)
  • Gujarat Quality mark awarded “Quality mark women” award(2016)
  • India care foundation awarded “Good social worker “ (2016) )
  • JTN Media and AAJ ki Delhi awarded “social worker ”(2016)
  • AIAC excellence awards 2016 award ‘Inspiring woman achiever award 2016)
  • Natraj institute awarded “Natraj Ratan Award’’ 2016)
  • Nutrition and natural health science association awarded “National Nutrition Award’’ (2016]
  • ANAND NGO awarded ‘society development award 2017
  • A.R. Foundation awarded Humanity achiever award 2017
  • Pratima raksha sammaan samiti (Dedicated to pt.Dindyal upadhyay ) awarded Great achiever award 2017
  • Aagaman literary &cultural group awarded Humanity award 2017 on international women’s day
  • Parwaz media group awarded “ Bea bravery entrepreneur award” ( 2017)
  • Anti corruption society awared “social worker award and guest of honour ( 2017) at jalandhar
  • mother’s day special awared “Iron lady award 2017 at rohatak
  • Bhartiye sharv karyan awared “ nari tujhe salam” at Faridabad
  • Priya music awared “beti hai anmol award 2017 at delhi
  • Dr B.R .ambedkar sports foundation awared Dr B.R .ambedkar national award 2017 at delhi
  • Aagaman literary &cultural group awarded Award of Excellence 2017 at delhi Saraswat Cinemato awarded social worker award
  • Nutrition and natural health science association awarded “National Nutrition Award’’ (2017
  • Swakruta charitable trust awarded “Youngest social worker award and guest of honour ( 2018) at Bangalore.
  • Martial arts games awarded volunteer incharge award 2018 and guest of honour
  • Udaan welfare trust awarded mahila sahas samman award 2018
  • Nutrition and national health sciences association awarded Society development award 2018
  • WOTFA awarded Women of the future award 2018 at jaipur
  • Asian martial arts games 2018iku asian karate championship 2018 awarded award of honour 2018
  • Young indian organisation awarded bhartiye shiksha ratan award 2018
  • Manthan nari shakti award 2018
  • Udaan welfare trust awarded Pratibha samman smaroh 2019
  • Healthy universe foundation awarded women excellence award 2019

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