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ANAND is an organisation which is basically dedicated for the cause of social upliftment of the members of downtrodden society. It has three year of its existence now. Its objective is to provide their basic needs & to fight for their rights.

About Our Organization

Its mission is to act as an activist for the sake of this group to bring change among the disadvantaged poor children & those who are engaged otherwise in anti-social activities. It organizes various programme for the development of women also along with the children of unprivileged & marginalized sections/ groups of society. The Society was formed by a group of individuals who have committed to render relentless service towards the development of the disadvantaged. The Society is much interested in engaging itself in women and child welfare and bringing about a change in their lifestyle. Thus the Society had concentrated on Skill training, Self-employment and leadership training for women, and other such socio – economic activity like slum women education, Mother and child care. However Society is motivated to serve the un-served and the underserved. Our programmes are based with Education /Women empowerment /Youth skilled training and Care of children.

  • Spread education of all types for social and economical development,.
  • To improve Child, women and youth with adequate life skills and inculcate leadership qualities so as to enable them to enact as catalyst to bring about social change,.
  • To make efforts to facilitate disadvantaged child, women and youth with functional literacy in childcare, nutrition, home management & vocational training,.
  • To make effort for the betterment of life of slums dwellers, .
  • Mainstreaming the dropout children in schools and assisting them in the bridge-up activities etc..
  • To facilitate the works of others NGOs in order to achieve the objectives of our NGO..
  • Capacity building of the other NGOs in need..


The basic philosophy of our organization is to work voluntarily for the overall comprehensive development both socially and economically disadvantaged people, women and children. The organization has devoted all its efforts, resources and manpower to ensure accepted standards of levels in education, Skill training, livelihood by accomplishing favorable social and cultural environment. .


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