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The ANAND Organization for Social Development, for over one year of its existence now, has lived by its goal of empowering the lives of the disadvantaged andmarginalized sections of society, by providing them with opportunities of education and knowledge enrichment.
SOCIETY REGISTRATION NO REG.NO:-S-E/311. Registered under section 80G income tax act ,1961 About Us

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Free Education Center, Clothes Donation Camp, Free Health Check Up Camp, Yoga Day, Drawing competition, Summer camp, Health awareness camp pads donation camp to know abour our more activities click here. .

Our Activities


ANAND is an organization which is basically dedicated for the cause of social upliftment of the members of downtrodden society. It has one year of its existence now. Its objective is to provide their basic needs & to fight for their rights. Its mission is to act as an activist for the sake of this group to bring change among the disadvantaged poor children & those who are engaged otherwise in anti-social activities. It organizes various programme for the development of women also along with the children of unprivileged & marginalized sections/ groups of society..

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As we usher in a new era for our country, we are filled with optimism for the endless possibilities of what we can achieve. We pledge our commitment to strive for equity, justiceand prosperity, and to continue to Rise for Good.

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